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  Cleo Cordell          

Cleo Cordell was one of the original Black Lace Divas whose erotic novels were reprinted again and again throughout the nineties. She went on to write fantasy novels for Carroll and Graf in the US, and now writes under a pseudonym.
  Books by Cleo Cordell:    
Title Price Date Imprint Binding ISBN/EAN Buy Off the Page
Click for detailsOpal Darkness 9.38 30/09/2010 Virgin Digital 9780753527979
Click for detailsThe Captive Flesh 7.30 30/03/2010 Virgin Digital 9780753532010
Click for detailsThe Senses Bejewelled 7.30 30/03/2010 Virgin Digital 9780753533468
Click for detailsJuliet Rising 8.34 24/11/2009 Virgin Digital 9780753523223
Click for detailsJuliet Rising 7.99 03/07/2008 Black Lace Paperback 9780352341921
Click for detailsOpal Darkness 8.99 05/06/2008 Black Lace POD Paperback 9780352340467
Click for detailsThe Senses Bejewelled 6.99 08/07/2004 Black Lace Paperback 9780352329042
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